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Aug 26 2007

my students are AMAZING.

The following are actual quotes taken from the quizzes I gave on Friday. The students are responding to inspirational quotes I have posted around the room and one of our class rues, “keep your expectations high.”

“Keep your expectations high” means to me that no matter what happens or what you get on your test or quiz that you can still do better.

“Keeping expectations high means to expect yourself to do the best of your ability in everything you do.”

“Men are born to succeed, not to fail.” To me, this mean I’m here for a reason; I’m supposed to be somebody.

“Keep your expectations high.” To me, this means that I can do something that other people think they can’t do. I can set personal goals for myself and try to break them.

“To achieve the highest level of learning of Spanish and to be able to speak Spanish fluently.”

“I think ‘keep your expectations high’ means never let yourself settle for less. To keep my expectations high for myself I would set goals for myself every day to do better.”

You never know what you can do until you try! “This tells me that I can never say I can’t do something that I have never done or that I have never attempted to do.”

“I will prepare to learn all I can, do all the hard work that is in my way, and I will turn my mistakes into learning.”

“Know that you can do it and have confidence in yourself. Be confident and consistent.”

WORK HARD GET SMART! “If you work hard in life you can be the smartest person you can be.”

“You are the one who decides for yourself what path you choose. You make your own destiny.”

“We will be able to learn a lot in one year and also be able to speak Spanish well.”

“The one goal that I believe is most important is for EVERYONE to pass this course. It means that we MUST stay focused and pay attention, or it’s not going to be easy achieving that goal.”

“Keeping your expectations high means that you can always do something, and nobody can tell you that you can’t do it. I would always believe in myself and that I can do anything, and I will not let anybody stop me from reaching my goals.”

“Keep your confidence level high and don’t doubt yourself.”

“Don’t come to class and say ‘okay, I don’t know Spanish, so I’m not going to learn it.’ We should all expect better.”

“Don’t settle for less when you have more in you. Don’t just be happy with a B when you can get an A and you’re capable of the best.”

“There shouldn’t be any excuses if I fail because it’s up to me to decide how I handle situations and obstacles that I run across. I will do whatever it is I have to do to be successful.”

“Keeping my expectations high means never settle for less than what you can get. I can do that by having confidence.”

“I think I will learn a lot of Spanish.”

“An inspirational quote I liked was ‘there are no secrets to success. It results from preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.’ I like this quote because I believe in learning from my mistakes and failures. It’s not a mistake if you grow from it. Every time I see this quote it makes me want to try harder at everything I do.”

“Always expect more than less.”

“I’m going to keep my expectations high by going for what I was told I couldn’t accomplish.”

“My future is in the palm of my hand and my brains and feet are my steering wheel. Where I steer myself determines what my future will be.”

“Always have faith you’re going to pass the class.”

“If I have confidence in myself to excel in this class, then I will. I will help who I can to the best of my abilities so that everyone can gain from this class.”

“If you put your mind to it, learning can take you anywhere.”

“I should believe I can do the best that I can do to achieve anything. All I have to do is keep my expectations high and stay confident.”

“I can keep my expectations high for myself through repeating what my goal is in my head in order to stay focused and motivated to continue.”

“I believe that every human was made for a purpose. They were born so that everything won’t be the same and different things will happen in society.”

“Don’t put yourself down, and don’t give up.”

“I need to try my best and have confidence in myself to get what I need.”

“What I can do to keep my expectations high for myself is by setting the example and doing what I came to class to do: learn.”

“Once you try something and fail, you are bound to succeed the next time you try. The next time you try you will know your weakest point and you’ll have a plan on how to work on it.”

“If you want to achieve a goal, don’t stop. Keep going towards it.”

“You have a brain – don’t waste it. You have feet in your shoes, so you can be on the good path to steer you in the right direction to success.”

“You can go where you want and do what you choose because you decide your future.”

“If you think you can’t do it, you won’t, but if you think you can, you will.”

“I should always try my hardest and not give up.”

“Don’t quit anything without trying it and doing the best I can.”

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